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              University Library Copenhagen

              University Library Copenhagen

              Round was originally designed for the University Library, a part of the Danish Royal Library, Copenhagen. Round was created to cater for easy socializing in the lounge areas.

              By composing the various basic elements it is easy to create a relaxed landscape of seating and socializing possibilities. The new humanities faculty library offers the students a well-designed, functional library building designed with a singular focus on creating the optimum facility based on the user’s needs.

              The architects from Dissing+Weitling‘s project group have liaised closely throughout the entire process with a user group of Royal Library employees.



              client: ?university Library Copenhagen
              Architect:?Dissing & Weitling


              T was originally designed for the University Library, part of the Danish Royal Library, Copenhagen.? This was created to cater to easy socializing in lounge areas.

              Also available upholstered in leather and fabric.

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