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              Open Colonna Roma Restaurant

              Restuarant open Colonna Roma

              Antonella Colonna

              A multifunction space on the Terrace of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, where you can choose a set meal from Colonna’s kitchen or a varied buffet. It’s the brainchild of the Chef’s imagination, a combination of gastronomic refinement and an informal setting that involve all the senses in a unique, special experience. Organized on two connecting levels, it’s a place to experience in freedom every day—just for a coffee or a quick lunch in the daytime, or an aperitivo or unforgettable dinner under the stars.



              Client?Restaurant Open Colonna Roma

              Primary Solo

              Stripped to the essence, PRIMARY is the first in a line that deserves to be called a Quinze & Milan classic. PRIMARY collection kicked off the use of?QM FOAM?,? a proprietary material developed and produced by Quinze & Milan.

              • 46cm / 18,1″ wide
              • 95cm / 37,4″ deep
              • 78,5cm / 30,9″ high
              • 40cm / 15,7″ seat high


              Available in

              • QM Foam – QM Plus
              • QM Tex
              • QM Upholstered

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