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              offices new babylon Den Haag

              Offices New Babylon Den Haag

              In opdracht van New Babylon was MLdesigners verantwoordelijk voor de inrichting, styling en lichtplan van de entree naar New Babylon Offices.
              Voor het Meeting Point op de 2de etage van New Babylon Offices heeft MLdesigners gekozen voor de zitmeubelen vervaardigd uit koudschuim van Quinze & Milan gestyled met ‘Changes Vases’ van Dirk van der Kooij.


              Client?Office New Babylon Den Haag
              Architect: ML designers

              Custom shape


              Our products are statements, and prompt you to spin tales, to dream and to shape a reality all your own. These are designer pieces that imbue a space with meaning by skirting the edges of all that is obvious. Pieces that exude energy and push the envelope of design. From the outset, Quinze & Milan used the slogan ‘Creators of Atmosphere‘: a piece of furniture was not an aim in itself but a medium for a lifestyle that set out to challenge the reigning minimalism: wild and sexy, carefree and fun, loud and outrageous. Even the most respectable and critical international trade magazines soon welcomed Q&M as the pop star of furniture and the bad boys of the design world: a bit of punk, but also a bit of Prada.
              Quinze & Milan is not a typical furniture label but an avant-garde platform for collaborations, a think tank and factory for ideas, designs, visual culture, concepts and experiments.
              It’s this approach that made Quinze & Milan turn into a successful label that guarantees rock ‘n roll, creativity, comfort, quality, excitement and ingenuity.


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