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              M2, Maze and Primary Collection
              MUD – Make-up Designory School Gent, Belgium

              M2, Maze and Primary Collection
              MUD – Make-up Designory School Gent, Belgium

              MUD Studio loves Quinze & Milan. Our designs and colors fit perfecty in their Make-up Designory School in Gent, and we couldn’t miss this change to feature the nice atmosthere created in their studio.

              Project Details

              Client: MUD – Make-up Designory School Gent
              Date: 2011
              Architect: –
              pictures: –


              Primary Pouf

              It’s a stool, a chair, a table and an eye-catcher in its own right. PRIMARY POUF 01, which was honoured with a triple Henri van de Velde Award (Belgium, 2001), is an all-time favourite among grown-ups and children alike. Soft materials and an uncomplicated design idiom are a tried and tested formula for a happy marriage. The sassy character of this comfortable, water-repellent stool with legs has made it a hit worldwide: look for PRIMARY in prestigious public spaces from San Francisco to Tokyo, from Stockholm to Cape Town.

              Maze Side Table

              Although small in size, the MAZE side table enchants everyone with its suggestion of transparency. Its common sense lies in its flexibility: place it inside, in the living room or in the bathroom, or outside, in the garden – with its plastic body, MAZE SIDE TABLE fits in anywhere. MAZE side table is light, adaptive, stackable and low-maintenance.


              Flexible by nature and ideal for large public spaces, the M2?is a modular seating system designed by Scott Wilson for Quinze & Milan. Three basic units (corner, linear and level units), each 1m2, supported by powder-coated steel frames fit together to form the desired configuration. Components can be interconnected or can stand alone. Light fittings can be integrated into the seating elements. M2?has received enthusiastic reviews, as well as honourable mentions at the ISDA Awards and the prestigious ID Design Awards.


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