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              GITP Eindhoven

              ‘Make Yourself. Comfortable’

              a spatial reorganization for GITP by TD

              GITP is an international operating human resource management company that has established twelve offices in the Netherlands. GITP is Holland’s most advanced office for evaluating, selecting, stimulating and developing human talent.

              This very personal task is asking for very specific spaces and buildings. The clients of GITP need to be embraced by a comfortable and stimulating surrounding while its employees long for an inspiring workspace with communal character.

              To achieve this, TD wrote a formula for the spatial reorganization of the company which would eventually lead to the perfect environment for its clients and employees. On the basis of bullet points in the formula new office locations where selected.


              Client?GITP Eindhoven
              Architect: TD

              Club collection

              Simple, plain, bold: three words that describe the body language of CLUB, a design that seems to say: ‘if the basics are right, who needs ornament?’

              The new lateral units come with a straight back on the inside.
              Versions with an inclined inside back are available upon request.

              Items available upholstered in leather and fabric
              Custom colours or sizes available upon request

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