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              Brooklyn Children’s Museum

              Brooklyn Children’s Museum

              The Brooklyn Children’s Museum is New York City’s first LEED-certified museum

              To aid the?Brooklyn Children’s Museum in their vision to enrich children’s lives through inspiration, involving, and challenging them to learn about themselves, others, and the world around them, our infinity collection in a uphosltered version of the museum’s colors, fits nicely in this reading room.

              The glittering envelope of yellow ceramic tiles is compelling and attractive to children, creates a public landmark in its residential neighborhood, and contributes to a sustainability strategy that made it New York City’s first LEED Silver-certified museum.



              Client?Brooklyn Children’s Museum
              Architect:?Rafael Vi?oly

              Rafael Vi?oly

              Primary Pouf

              Stripped to the essence, PRIMARY is the first in a line that deserves to be called a Quinze & Milan classic.

              PRIMARY collection kicked off the use of?QM FOAM?,?a proprietary material developed and produced by Quinze & Milan.

              A selection of different sizes of our Primary pouf upholstered with a contract fabric for intensive use.

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