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              Audi -Area 1 Roadshow Barcelona

              Audi – AREA1 2010 Roadshow Barcelona

              For the launch of the new Audi A1 in Europe, German architects Schmidhuber + Partner have created a specially constructed launch event stand called AreA1. The stand toured throughout Europe, starting in Balmy Barcelona.

              Quinze & Milan was commissioned to deliver traveling custom-made desks, seating objects and mobile interior items in both coated wood as QM Foam.

              A mobile-modular brand experience for Audi A1. The conception: ?To be where the customer is“, in the major cities of Europe. AreA1 combines scalable buildings and cross-media information and entertainment. The different kit from 165 to1,000 sq m are flexible in configuration and size. The 10 meters wide x 8 meters tall Audi A1 landmark illuminated Barcelona’s entire coastline. Instead of using conventional display equipment the AreA1 Road show consists of a single, distinctive design space, exemplified by high-quality materials, surfaces and workmanship. The lighting rigs were designed exclusively for AreA1, with programmable light and sound systems to ensure a spectacular show at night. The customized display furniture was specially developed and is suitable for outdoor use. A true urban island in Barcelona’s prime location.


              Architect:?Schmidhuber + Partner

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