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              SDC stands for various things, our focus is to be a platform for furniture.

              solution driven creators

              SDC stands for Solution Driven Creators,?meaning we want to give you a platform where you can develop your project. ?In this platform you can use our collection items as they are, but you can easily customize them towards the specific needs of your client and project

              CUSTOM SHAPES

              Our production techniques allow us to make a lot of shapes, from rectangular to organic. Only few limitations between your imagination and our result.


              At SDC we offer various finishings. ? Our goal is to lead you to the best possible finishing for your specific needs. ?From standard coated finishes to high tech and intensity finishings


              CUSTOM COLORS

              Based on our technology we will match the indicated NCS, PANTONE and RAL colors as precise as possible. ?Foam and Coating samples are available upon request.


              We can integrate various technology systems into our furniture. From a simple power supply unit, to the integration of tablets and e-readers in the armrests of our sofa’s. Or even more complexe constructions for playgrounds are possible.

              FEET & SOCCLES

              You can add some feet underneath your beloved piece of furniture. Or even protect your sofa from daily cleaning with a nice soccle. Check our carious options.

              ADD GRAPHICS

              Our customized items can be pimped up with your logo. A technique with screenprinting offers new solutions for branding requirements

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