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              acà allà

              here, there, everywhere

              This design started with the idea of building a piece of furniture that adapts to the needs of the user. It was important to me to design a system that was able to ‘grow’ by adding more features to the base parts. I love it when someone else can use my work as the basis for his own creativity. Therefore the design has been kept very clean, simple and very modular. One could form a long swirling line with my design, a circle for a more intimate feeling or scatter it around throughout the space. Hence the name “acà allà”, two words often used in Latin America: Somewhere over here.. Somewhere over there… I am very curious to see what people will come up with when they start using it…

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              SDC_lab is the exclusive partner for the production and commercialisation of all Quinze & Milan labeled products

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              RPBW Athens collection

              designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop

              Back in 2017 SDC_lab was commissioned to develop the furniture for the National Greek Library in the project of Renzo Piano for SNFCC.

              Together in close cooperation with RPBW from Paris various models have been developped.

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              Black Baboon Collection

              Black baboon is an ecological brand of studio Achoo, in Kortrijk (BE).

              A rewarded design studio for industrial design and concepts. With the design studio we are searching for better ways of applying circular concepts that push the boundaries of technological and social innovation.

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              NORA collection

              designed by Lionel Doyen - engineered by SDC_lab

              This range offers many possibilities. It allows you to define THE ideal configuration according to the space and the intended use. We can just as easily promote exchanges as create private spaces.
              We also offer the possibility of integrating a coffee table directly on the base.

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              Square & Straights

              designed by SDC_lab

              How hard can it be? We now have some base shapes in our beloved foam that correspond with each other. In size and shape. Just have a look at what you can do with our basic ‘blocks’ system.

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              KAZUKO collection

              designed by Kazuko Okamoto

              Kazuko Okamoto creates designs combining fun and function. Fun? A perfect cut out Dai Ottoman right out the Dai Sofa. Function? Extending the sofa with a table piece attached to the sofa. Put your laptop on your sofa! Put up your feet on the Ottoman! Recreation all in one piece of foam.


              Custom colors or sizes are available upon request.

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              Shapes & Curves

              designed by SDC_lab

              Shapes and curves takes us a step further in the new defined collection of straights & Squares. Giving you the opportunity to design with some basic shapes and endless configuration of waiting benches.

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              designed by 13&9 design studio, lead by Martin Lesjak and Anastasia Su

              LEAN is multifunctional furniture system that responds to the needs of a contemporary workday-life, stimulating both body and mind, while overlaying different functions in the office environment. With the aim to avoid sitting for long periods of time while working, this modular furniture arrangement provides a dynamic exchange between sitting, standing and leaning to encourage movement and posture change as well as provide social interaction.

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              designed by Rampelotto & Pernkopf

              The design of the stool & table is based on traditional archetypes, their basic simplicity in form and function. The organically shade seat is supported by tapered legs made of oiled European oak.

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              RONDO & OSAKA

              designed by SDC_lab

              Rondo is again a collection that offers some basic models, round shapes. Just as a step up we calculated some basic sizes. But ask us for a price quote for the specific size you request

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              designed by SDC_lab & Intern Paul Gallaud

              in 2018 Paul worked with us as an intern. UDA is the result of a well aligned task that was given. Multi versatile in use and for all ages!

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              Stair Seat

              Stair Seat is a range of products that are so versatile that they can be used on stairs in office areas or libraries.

              Available in standard sizes, but easy customizable.

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              various projects

              Galette (from the Norman word gale, meaning “flat cake”) is a term used in French cuisine to designate various types of flat round or freeform crusty cakes,[1] or, in the case of a Breton galette (French: Galette bretonne [gal?t b??t?n];

              A simple design which can be freely customized in size, shape.

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              Integration of various kind of technology such as: light, power solutions, tablets, screens,

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              various projects

              Adding your logo on your pouf or your piece of furniture. It’s possible with this high end screenprinting.

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